Marketing Periodical – January

Periodically, we would like to share some of the larger projects we are working on that we believe will have a significant impact on Pace. So, what’s marketing up to now? In between your requests, we are working on the key initiatives outlined below.

What we’re working on

We’re kicking off a year of website optimization initiatives! This quarter, we are finishing up our migration to the WordPress platform, which will give us many more tools and the flexibility to make our site more memorable and engaging for our users. The goal being to increase more traffic to our site and converting users to prospects and ultimately customers. Here’s what’s on the roadmap for Q1

  • Complete migration and go live (1/24)
  • Begin ADA compliance audit
  • Launch usability/experience (UX/UI) research with SPS pages. This will involve actual outside users with the goal of gaining insight into how we can make our site easier to navigate and informative for our prospects/customers.
What this means for you

More informed, qualified leads.

When will this be done?

We will be working on these and other website projects through Q1.

What we’re working on

Launching the ability to test for additional PFAS compounds and precursors using the TOF method, which Pace has branded, True-TOF™. Pace is the exclusive provider of this method in the U.S.

What this means for you

As the first lab to provide TOF services in the U.S., we have the challenge of educating the market on this method – and the opportunity to blaze the trail and positioning Pace as innovators in PFAS testing services. The availability of the True-TOF service is also expected to increase demand for traditional PFAS testing.

When we this happen?

True-TOF will be announced at the beginning of February. Campaign and lead generation programs will follow.

What we’re working on

Over the previous quarter, we’ve teamed with SPS to drive demand for our Managed Staffing Services. This has involved a slight rebrand, new messaging, and creative to re-ignite and competitively position Pace services. Based on the volativity of lab staffing needs in 2020, we initiated a market survey to get a pulse on the challenges faced and what the market is looking for in 2021. We’re translating this data into lead generator activities including webinars and a hiring guide.

What this means for you

Through a more robust content program, we are working toward building ongoing demand for our staffing services business based on the dynamics of the market.

When will this happen?

New lead generation resources will rollout in January and continue.

What we’re working on

We’ve completed an in-dept research project that involved getting feedback and insight from prospects and customers on what they value in a lab service partner – and their perception of the Pace Analytical brand.

Now, we’re using this data to evolve our brand positioning and messaging to resonate with the markets we serve in a more personal way. It’s all about building relationships and providing great service. The outcome will be a Corporate Identity framework at the corporate and division levels.

What this means for you

Many of you are on the front lines and interact with prospects/customers everyday. Now we all have greater insight into what really matters in the selection and retention of developing a partnership with a lab – and will weave these insights into our marketing/sales programs.

When will this happen?

On January 15th, we are providing an overview of the research results to the sales/marketing teams. (All are welcome.) The Corporate Identity framework will be complete Q1. We will then apply this framework to our website and other assets.

2020 Marketing Qualified Prospects Generated (MQPs)

Based on submission of Contact Us forms, online RFQs, and lead scores.

Quick update on projects highlighted in Previous Periodicals: Migration

We’ve lifted up, moved, and tested 550+ pages to the WordPress platform. Sara’s back is going to be sore!

Salesforce + HubSpot Integration

After months of planning, mapping, testing, and TEAMS calls, we turned on phase one of the integration and MQPs are now automagically flowing over to Salesforce. (Yay!) So, you may ask, “what’s next for the dynamic duo?” (Kari and Brittany) All I can say is that these two can move mountains…just saying.

SPS Staffing Campaign

Thanks to the collaboration with the SPS team, our agency partner, and the amazing Timo, our new staffing microsites are live and pulling in leads.

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) in Wastewater

Over the last quarter, we cast a wider net to capture COVID-19 wastewater testing/monitoring opportunities from Universities, federal prisons, and state correctional facilities. We also reached out again to the wastewater market with new materials. We ended 2020 with over 330 MQPs and $750K in revenue (+$901K total as of this writing). Not bad for a 9-month startup!

PFAS State Campaign

We’re continuing our charge across the country with highly targeted state-level content around PFAS regulations. We have campaigns in-flight for CA and FL and will be rolling out to WI, VT, and CO soon thanks in large part to Sarah L’s list development wizardry and Britt’s savvy in building HubSpot workflows. 2020 ended with over 435 MQPs for PFAS and 72 website-generated RFQs.

Air Lab Campaign

After a soft Q4 launch, we ended 2020 with 37 MQPs. We’re kicking off phase two this month (Jan) with a campaign/content marketing plan that integrates the capabilities acquired from Con-Test labs.

ezHerbicide Campaign

We’re launching this testing capability as we achieve certifications. In January, we’re adding NY and TX. Like TX BBQ, we expect a low and slow rollout to produce quality results. So far, it’s been a bit more slow with 4 MQPs.

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