ezHerbicide™ Launch

BRIEF: ezHerbicide™ is a patent-pending technology and process Pace developed to improve herbicide residue testing and analysis. ezHerbicide allows Pace to competitively differentiate in a crowded market by providing faster, more accurate, and environmentally conscious herbicide residue services.

BUYER TYPE: Consultant, Federal Government, Industry, Private

MARKET SEGMENT: Remediation, Due Diligence/Property Transfer

This campaign will roll out in phases by state as Pace receives state-level certifications. States targeted include LA, TN, GA, AL, CO, NJ, UT, PA, and TX.


These campaign components align to create a clear, consistent, and competitive message driving pull to our website to learn more about Pace ezHerbicide services. Over the course of 2021, we will be adding additional content elements to this campaign.

Key messages:

  • Fast; 1-day or same-day turnaround
  • Better chemistry; higher data quality
  • Fewer samples required
  • Better for the environment (less solvent waste)

Campaign Dashboard

MQLs Generated: 4 (last update 1/11/21)