Standard Pace® Email Signature

Learn how to update your email signature to our brand standards.

A very simple step we can all take to empower the Pace® brand is through a tool we use throughout our workday: email. In many cases, your email signature is the first impression someone may have of you and Pace®. A clean, modern email signature aligns well with our brand.

Setting up your signature just takes a few minutes and three simple steps:

Step 1.

Download the Pace® logo file below and store them where you can easily access them. These files are sized appropriately for Outlook and ready to use. Right-click on the link and select “save link as” to save it on your computer.

Step 2.

Review the signature format below. Please note we are NOT using the flag graphic from the old signature. See our FAQ at the bottom if you have questions.

Step 3.

Step 3: Watch this instructional video


Why do I have to change my signature?

We want all clients to have a consistent experience whenever they communicate with Pace®. This helps us create a memorable brand.

Why the removal of the “Flag” (the color bar at the top of the old signature)?

We have decided to drop the “flag” and will be phasing it out from other branding in the near future.

What about other fields like the Rapid Response number, lab address, etc?

You may add vital information specific to you on another line. Extra fields should go above the Pace® logo. Please do not add unnecessary and repetitive information such as your email address.

What about a mobile signature?

For mobile, you can follow the instructions up until the logo. I can’t find an easy way to add images to a mobile signature – if you have a solution, please email me at

Why use Arial instead of the Akrobat font from the brand book?

Fonts are not locked down in emails and can change depending on what device you are using. So, we are using the “web-safe” font, Arial, so each email signature appears the same on any device.

We have also amended our Brand Guide to include options for Microsoft Office standard fonts. Please review the Typography section of the Guide for more information!