COVID-19 External Communications

As a result of this outbreak, Pace Corporate Communications and Marketing have collaborated on a series of internal and external Pace messages. While internal communications are located on PaceConnect, this page provides information and links to communications issued externally, to our customers and the markets we serve.

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Customer Letter

Extending Essential Services

Social Media

This letter assures our customers that Pace has taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders while remaining open for business, providing uninterrupted service.

As many of our customers are managing employees needing to work from home due to school closings, etc., they are reaching out to us to help support their internal lab needs. This piece illustrates how Pace can serve as a resource to clients so that they can continue their important work without interruption. This piece, along with an accompanying sales letter, is also available on Salesforce.

Below are examples of social posts we have issued reflecting our position on COVID-19 – while communicating that Pace is continuing to serve its customers in a variety of capacities.

Check out these links and like and share with your connections. (Note: you will likely need to respond to Facebook and Instagram on your personal devices.)

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Environmental Regulatory Agency Letter

Mobile/Field Services Customer Letter

Essential Services Partner Letter

This letter was created for our Environmental Labs to distribute to their respective regulatory agencies.

Distributed to customers utilizing Pace field and mobile services teams.

Available to provide to partners/vendors. Communicates our commitment to continue to provide essential services related to public and environmental health monitoring – and to support public laboratories as needed.

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PLS | Services Making a Difference

Travel Authorization Letter

This letter outlines some of the essential services our Life Sciences team provides to support the healthcare community.

Document for Pace Field Services/Mobile team members to have available to prove they are providing an essential public health service in areas where travel is permitted only for Essential Businesses.

The Pace Promise

We honor our commitments so that you can honor yours.