3P: Selling the Whole Company


  1. Make it easier for sales to identify cross-selling opportunities.
  2. Make it easier for sales to connect to the right sales resources in other Divisions for referrals.


  • Selling the Pace brand
  • Benefits of selling the whole company
  • Tools for selling the whole company
  • When is the right time?
  • Key questions to consider
  • Action Plan: Opportunity identified

Read Selling the Whole Company. Then watch the videos below to learn about the services provided across Pace Divisions and how you can identify potential sales opportunities.

Video Overviews

Environmental Sciences:

Watch for an overview of the services provided, competitive differentiators, and the markets served.

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Questions to help identify an opportunity for Environmental Sciences

  1. Does your company need analytical testing for the following programs: SDWA, RCRA, CWA, CAA, NPDES, MCES?
  2. Do you have projects that require any non-routine testing or have unique analytical requirements?
  3. Do you ever need testing support for any remedial investigations?
  4. Who is in charge of environmental compliance or remediation in your organization?

Have an opportunity for Environmental? Here’s who to contact:

  1. Kevin Godwin (Kevin.Godwin@pacelabs.com)
  2. Corporate Accounts: John Gerken (John.Gerken@pacelabs.com)
  3. East Coast: Ron Kerr (Ron.Kerr@pacelabs.com)
  4. West Coast: Danny Ramsey (Danny.Ramsey@pacelabs.com)

Life Sciences:

Watch to gain a good understanding of the services provided in this Division and where Pace fits into the process of bringing pharmaceutical products to market.

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Questions to help identify an opportunity for Life Sciences

  1. Are the products you make considered a drug product (small molecule, biologic, gene therapy)?
  2. Does your company need support services for the development, commercialization, and/or manufacture of drug products?

Have an opportunity for Life Sciences? Here’s who to contact:

  1. For web leads and distribution for all lab locations – lifesciences@pacelabs.com
  2. Business Development – James Wheeler jim.wheeler@pacelabs.com
  3. Sales Director – Rick Bachelder Richard.Bachelder@pacelabs.com
  4. Sales Manager, Corporate Accounts – Matthew Johnson (contact info in Office 365)
  5. Marketing – Chelsea Robinson Chelsea.Robinson@pacelabs.com

Scientific Professional Services

Watch this video to learn about the three key areas of services provided: Staffing, Regulatory, and Lab Instruments.

Questions to help identify an opportunity for Scientific Professional Services

  1. Are you a chemical manufacturer? (Regulatory)
  2. Do the products your company manufactures require hazard communication? (Regulatory)
  3. Does your company have on-site laboratories? (Necessary for Instrument Services and Scientific Staffing)
  4. Does your company have cleanrooms on-site? (Necessary for Cleanroom Validations)

Have an opportunity for Scientific Professional Services? Here’s who to contact:

  1. General contact info:
  2. For leads, please contact SPS Sales Director

When is the right time?

When is the right time to offer all Pace capabilities?

  1. Procurement meetings (any level, especially high-level meetings)
  2. Industry networking events, conferences, and tradeshows
  3. Close of deal (as appropriate)
  4. Corporate and key account meetings
  5. Multi-site company meetings

Always ask for referrals and contacts within their organization when possible. If you question whether there is an opportunity for cross-selling, work with SM/RSM and divisional contacts for support.